Episode 1 – The One About The Lone Ranger, The Conjuring, and Fire Marshall Bill

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Join your favorite comedy podcast chumps, Jason and Joel, as they go totally “off script” and take you into the minds of two of the most scatterbrained movie/TV nerds you’ll ever meet with all the shenanigans and tomfoolery you can handle. From 60s sci-fi cheese and 80s nostalgia to today’s billion dollar blockbusters and independent unknowns they’ll bring you the flickering myths like you’ve never heard. Join them for CND (Cinematic Nostalgia Disorder) Theater, the ADD Top 10, and the ever entertaining Trailer Trash. If you don’t give yourself at least one facepalm per episode, they’re not doing their jobs.

The Guts

It’s finally here.  The very first episode of Off Script with the boys, Jason and Joel.  In this, their first episode Jason and Joel talk about some of the features of the show and why they’re doing it.  Because, you know, they need to justify this kind of crap.  After giving the 411 on the show, they jump right into a couple of recent movie trailers including Disney’s Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp and James Wan‘s The Conjuring (which scared the ca-ca out of Jason.) As always, the trailers are included below.

CND Theater

Cinematic Nostalgia Disorder never sounded so ridiculous. Listen to the boys as they amaze and awe you with their unparalleled thespianism skills by reading lines from a classic movie.  If you think you know the movie (that is if you can actually listen to the entire thing), send your guesses in to Jason at Jason@offscriptpodcast.com.  Make sure you put “CND Theater” in the subject line and include the episode number in your guess.  All correct answers will be put into a drawing to be crowned geek of the month.

Join In

For more Off Script action, go to OffScriptPodcast.com, join our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter at @OffScriptCast. Most importantly, don’t forget to check us out on iTunes and leave us a review. The more reviews we get the higher we rate. The higher we rate the more listeners we get. The more listeners we have the more reviews we’ll get! It’s a vicious cycle!!

If you have questions or comments, keep them to your damn self! If you have a guess for CND Theater or a suggestion for ADD Top 10, email us at Jason@OffScriptPodcast.com.


The Lone Ranger International Trailer

The Conjuring Trailer (Beware!)

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